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Yes this is absolutely true...initially there is a period when the patient goes into denial, doubting even that the diagnosis could be wrong. That's followed by depression and then acceptance, often accompanied by a willingness to challenge and fight the disease.

You're right that accepting the harsh reality of cancer does not have to lead to passivity and "folding your tent." Accepting that you have a disease like prostate cancer can motivate you to stand up to it, fighting however you can, rather than succumbing by admitting defeat.
---Rabbi Ed

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Yes it is scary but with it comes immense strength to bear the illness and fight and live with it.

I couldn't have said it better myself! Fear in the face of any cancer is anxiety-provoking and scary. But as some folks already know, the Chinese word for "crisis" consists of two combined words - "challenge" and "opportunity." As such prostate cancer affords us the chance to rise above our crises and show what we're made of. As you've implied cancer can be an obstacle that stops us "dead" in our tracks, or it can be a steppingstone to greater things: displaying our strength of character and our capacity to persevere.
----Rabbi Ed

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